Commercial/Roll-off Services

Navajo Sanitation, Inc. offers waste removal services to office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, and other commercial buildings. Our services include removal of trash from front load containers, roll-off containers, and trash compactors.
Commercial Services
Front Load Containers
Navajo Sanitation, Inc offers containers and trash removal for front-load containers. These convenient containers are offered in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards and are perfect for:
        -      schools,
-         government offices,
-         apartment buildings,
-         malls,
-         and other retail outlets.   
We offer services for any 5 days in a week, or 2 -3 times a week upon customer request.
 Locking systems can be provided on front load containers which helps keep from unauthorized use or scattering of trash.
We do not accept: Hazardous Material or Medical waste.
- We can also supply 4 and 6 cubic yard front load compactors. Please look below to read about the benefits of using the trash compactors.
Roll-Off Services
Roll-Off Open Top Containers
These large, durable containers are available in 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards. They are maintenance-free and are perfect for construction sites, restaurants, schools, and office buildings. Roll-off containers are great for hauling refuse and scrap material. They are perfect for construction sites and even residential home improvement projects.
Trash Compactors
Trash Compactors crush and compress your trash to reduce the size and volume of your waste. This is a convenient option for high volume buildings, as it can reduce the frequency of trash removal. Navajo Sanitation offers two different kinds of trash compactors:
Stationary Compactors
Stationary Compactors are available in 4, 6, and 40 cubic yards and are perfect for hotels, department stores, and manufacturing plants. Unlike Self-Contained Compactors, stationary compactors compact trash into a detachable container (such as a 30 yard or 40 yard container). They have a compaction unit and a container unit. When the container is full we will replace the full container with an empty one. These containers are best for dry waste like mixed paper, cardboards, wood, plastic, and other dry waste.
Self-Contained Compactors
Self-contained compactors are available in 30 cubic yards and are perfect for supermarkets, restaurants, and hospitals. They are designed to be a single unit, so that the entire compactor is removed and replaced. These containers are best for food, medical waste, and other wet waste.
Benefits of Using a Trash Compactor:

. Keeps animals out of your trash
. Saves the time and labor of breaking down boxes and carrying to the container
. Reduces your trash collection costs because trash needs to be picked up less often
. Reduces insect and rodent problems
.  Keeps scavengers out of your container
. Reduces trash in your parking lot
. Controls the odor from your trash
. Reduces fire hazards
. Saves inside storage space where you would normally store boxes and other dry waste
. Prevents others from using your container to dispose of their trash
. Reduces the wear and tear on your parking lot from trash trucks
Please contact our office for advising you on what size of container or compactor will serve your needs.

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